I Quit Going Through the Motions.

It’s been almost 3 decades of big dreams and false starts. Being a professional in the fitness industry, as fun and seemingly stress -free a career path one might expect; I found most of what we are told or taught in “the industry” doesn’t apply to every body.

I was sort of ushered into it‘s world in 1992 when I was a freshman in college battling depression and bulimia; seduced by rhythmic beats and sweating along side a tribe of like-minded people. The gym was my sanctuary of sorts. I was forgiven for my sinful calories, offered unconditional “love” as I sweat my prayers, and I found a monumental amount of grace in pushing my body past barriers, beyond limits; I could see no other place for my relentless “passions” for being “forgiven.

I became a Fitness Professional for all the wrong reasons. I stayed with it for all the right ones. At 44 years of age I’m humble, introspective, compassionate and I’m finally embarking on the journey in life that truly belongs to me, because it has lead me to you.

This is my life; with all its wrong turns, detours, dead ends and countless scenic routes. Ironically all the reasons I entered the fitness industry almost ended my career. I’m here to offer you my best advice, training techniques, life hacks and professional guidance as you either begin your fitness journey or continue to embark on your current one.

My mission is not to help you get the “perfect body,” rather, to offer you tools, techniques and tips on how to become the best version of yourself you can be. So here’s to keeping it real, keeping it FUN, getting and keeping you FUNctional; by sharing my truths, I hope you will allow yourself to do the same. “Not everything that can be faced can be changed, but in order to change things, we must face them.”

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